Torture Division – The Worship Review

Torture Division // The Worship
Rating: 4.0/5.0 — Fucking death metal
Label: Labels Are for Pussies
Websites: [free downloads]
Release Date: There must have been one…

Torture Division - The WorshipTorture Division is what some would call a “supergroup,” made up of Lord K. Philipson (The Project Hate, ex-God Among Insects), Jörgen Sandström (Krux, The Project Hate, ex-Grave, ex-Putrefaction), and Tobias Gustafsson (Vomitory, The Project Hate). The band writes and performs death metal of a grindy variety with old school Swedish flare, similar to Vomitory or Vader or Grave. You know the drill. The reason I call Torture Division a supergroup is because everything they produce is fucking gold. They’ve been producing three track EPs every few months since 2007 and they’ve yet to produce a song I don’t like. Best of all they’re produced by Dan Swanö and given away for free at the band’s website.

The Worship is the band’s latest nine minutes and thirty-nine seconds of music consisting of the fat and groovy (with a grindy touch) “I Wanna Beat Somebody,” the ten ton “All Rise,” that reaches back to Morbid Angel and kinda throws Nile vibes out, and the grindy, grindy, grindy “Håll Käften” (“Shut Up” in Swedish). There’s nothing tech about this, and it’s not br0000tal. It’s just good, old fashioned death metal done right. The production is thick, the performances are sick, and the price is cheaper than you deserve. Ready yourself for the best nine minutes and thirty-nine seconds since your prom night.

[Note: These guys also did a split called “Paddling the Pink Canoe in a River of Blood/Partners in Grind” with Bent Sea, a grind project founded by Dirk Verbeuren. It is also available via the band’s website and is fucking awesome.]

Torture Division

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